I love shoes. I love knowing I have shoes even if that means I won’t be able to use some others most of the time. I guess I’m just being a girl. And that fact remains hard to understand by most men. The boyfriend thinks I have shoes more than what I need. Methinks I have only a few compared to other girls. I don’t collect shoes for display, but I love seeing them in the shoe rack. I try as much as possible to be practical everytime I buy shoes but the boyfriend still thinks it’s not practical.

There are times, like tonight that I need to explain myself because I had just bought 2 pairs last weekend. And most of the time, explaining oneself is kind of frustrating. However, the boyfriend has made a point. And it’s one thing I really admire about him, and it makes me feel so blessed everytime. I still love shoes and that will always remain true. In fact I am already eyeing a pair of boots at Suntec. Well, that might need to wait another month or so, because I don’t wanna get into trouble yet. Kidding aside, tonight I learned that it’s substantial to express oneself, but at the same time, listening to what the other party is trying to say is just as important. Things get into better perspective and life becomes even more meaningful.

I know I am entitled to enjoy and live life to the fullest. And I will forever remain grateful for everythng – shoes and the like. People still matter over things. But yes, I can still buy shoes if I want to. =)