It’s another Friday! It’s 4:39pm, and I’m too excited to go home and call this a day.  I hope to leave the office at 6pm sharp, so I can have time to walk and do some little exercise.

I gained a lot of weight since I came to Singapore. And I find it quite alarming. It’s crazy! It’s crazy when you see your friends and they tell you the same thing “Nanambok lage ka.” (You gained weight.) Now tell me if that isn’t alarming! Haha. I’m thinking of an effective diet to get back to my normal weight. But it seems to fail everytime. Hmnn.

I need a balanced diet. While I’m writing this I feel a slight pain in my right chest. Scary huh? This might have to do with my gaining weight. OMG. I guess I really need to do something regarding this. Earlier for lunch, I opted for Salmon over chicken because I was thinking of cholesterol and all. I sound silly, I know. But I’m just really concerned about my body. Since I came to Singapore, my activities were lessened. I sit the whole time here at the office and sleep most of the time (specially rest days) at home. I need to get back to my active lifestyle.

So with that, I am excited to go and sweat this out. 🙂 Whew!