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It’s 5 days before Christmas and less than 2 weeks before 2010 ends. Woah! I’m kind of excited and thrilled at the thought of what 2011 has in store for me. But that’s gonna be another entry of this blog. For now, I  really just wanna share my excitement that Christmas is just a few days away.

I plan to file for a leave on the 24th so I can prepare for ‘noche buena’. I’m thinking of cooking something for my housemates, something we could share to celebrate Christmas. But the many pending work at the office has kept me busy all this time, and is making me having 2nd thoughts if I really should file a leave or not. Now I am at home, yet still occupied with things I need to finsih before the week ends. The boss has more things for me to do. I guess that’s because he doesn’t celebrate Christmas. 🙂

Regardless of the many things that need to be done, I remain grateful for HIS love. God has never forsaken me, as he promised. There have been countless times when I have shouted surrender, but God’s amazing love has kept me going. In this season where I celebrate the birth of my savior, I simply stand in awe of what He has done. His grace always humbles me down.

Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Jesus.123