Hello, I’m back! 🙂 I was busy enjoying my holiday and long vacation. Haha. Oh yes, I’m back with so many happy thoughts and memories while I was away.

April has been good to me, despite the not-so-good things, I still and will always consider myself blessed. Last April 9, Jay’s cousins came to Singapore for a visit and we all stayed at Marina Bay Sands Hotel for the weekend. I had a blast and we all enjoyed our time there. I will be posting photos when I have time.

Last week, Jay and I went to Auckland,NZ for the holy week.It was such an awesome time with his sister’s family. I loved the road trips and the many things we did. It was like seeing all postcards around while driving. It was so much fun. I saw God in all the things I see, I see His marvelous creations around me, and it felt so wonderful. I will be blogging about the experience on my next posts.

I’ll be back to work on Tuesday next week, with my resignation letter ready. 🙂
I’m ready to say goodbye and trust God for His plans for me.

One thing I am sure of, good things are coming my way!:)