I owe this blog a number of posts. I am currently feeling lost at all these figures I need to explain. Reporting period has been such a headache, and I feel like my heart’s about to explode because of mixed emotions.

Whoa. Focus. Focus. I only have less than a month to work in this office. I can’t wait to leave everything behind here. I guess that’s enough encouragement for now. This too shall pass.

I think I should just smile. There are still a lot of reasons to smile. There are so many things to be grateful for. I am still blessed in so many ways. I won’t allow people or my situation to dictate on what I should feel.  I know everything’s gonna be okay. God promised that he won’t let me tried beyond my strength. And I believe that.

Life goes on, as God continually amazes me with His love for me.

And yes, it’s worth trying one more day. One day at a time.