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We spent the holy week this year at Auckland, New Zealand with Jay’s sister and family. We surely had a great time in spite of the short time we have. It was a vacation worth remembering over and over again. There will surely be more visits to come in the very near future.

It was autumn when we visited. The leaves have turned orange/red/pink and they looked nothing but gorgeous. I have always loved autumn, and it was just the perfect time to see and experience God’s glory in nature.

We arrived in Auckland, Past 10 in the morning. Travel time was about 10 hours  and Auckland is 4 hours ahead of time from Singapore. It was my first time to meet Jay’s sister’s family and they were very accomodating. We stayed at their place and feasted on food the whole time.

We visited some other places in Auckland. Road trips will always be something I’d love to do if I was just gonna see all beautiful views wherever I turn. Moutains, Lakes, rivers – they were astonishing.

I can say that in nearly 2 weeks that I stayed there, I fell in love with the place. I loved how laid-back their life is and how family-oriented, which is really different from Singapore’s city lifestyle.

I loved the fact that everywhere I gaze my eyes upon, I see nature in all its splendor. I always consider it as a blessing when I get to travel and visit new places, I discover a lot of things in new places as well as things in myself. It was a truly a wonderful treat for me, a time away from work and a time meant only for myself and for some people that matter.

Until we meet again, Auckland. It was my pleasure to see how beautiful you are, and I will always have good things to say about you. ❤