Good morning, Sunday.

I woke up today feeling really empty. By empty, I mean emotionally. 🙂 I always tell myself  to deal with life one day at a time – with emptiness and anything of that sort.  I knew it wouldn’t be easy. But no one said it will be. Everyone, in one way or the other, has felt this kind of feeling and was able to overcome.

So to start my day, I need to eat my breakfast. I have been used to having breakfast/brunch with Jay. In fact, most of the time, he prepares breakfast for the two of us. For now, I will have to do it alone. And just by preparing my breakfast, I start to miss him again – which is normal.

I checked the fridge and decided to have sandwich (with butter and strawberry jam), an apple and milk.

This is my breakfast for today. Nothing extraordinary, but as I was eating I can’t help but think and miss Jay. Well, this is just temporary I know. I will be seeing him again soon. And six months from now, I will be walking down the aisle to marry the one man who loved me with all his best. 🙂

See you soon, babe. 🙂 I love you.