I love Christmas songs! They make me happy, and there is something about them that turns a gloomy mood into a bright one. And for that reason, I listen to Christmas songs even during the summer. Haha! Christmas songs really brighten my day and I love how they make me feel light!

Tonight, I’m listening to Christmas songs again. It’s October, and it’s a few more months before Christmas, and ta-dah, I’ll be celebrating Christmas at HOME. Nothing can be more wonderful than that. 🙂 It’s just priceless. I’ve been away for the past 2 years and I just get so giddy when I think of Christmas at home AGAIN. 🙂

Jose Mari Chan’s ‘Counting my blessings’ speaks of volume to me tonight. I hear this song almost every Christmas, but tonight it came so differently. I have been reminded of the many blessings I’ve received and I just can’t help but be grateful. I’ve had my shortcomings and have failed left and right, yet God has still blessed me tremendously. It just humbles me down. Worries try to press in, but I remind myself of God’s faithfulness.

I will never leave you nor forsake you. – Hebrews 13:5

Tonight, I’ll sleep counting my blessings. I have a lot of things to thank God for. I can go on and on counting, but my lifetime would not be enough to enumerate them one by one. So tonight, I’ll list down the first 10 blessings that come to mind.

1. Family. I am blessed with a complete family. My parents and my siblings are not perfect, but they love me with all their best, and that is more than enough for me.

2. Health. I can’t thank God enough for keeping my family healthy and far from harm. God protects and secures them all the time.

3. Friends. I have been surrounded with friends, people who care. I don’t see them often, but I know I have the best kind of friends who’d be willing to do anything for me.

4. Love. One of the best blessings in life is to love and be loved in return. Need I elaborate? 🙂

5. Food. How would I survive without food? 😐 God has been so gracious in meeting all my needs, including food, and yes, water and air too. 🙂

6. Shelter. I am blessed to be sleeping under a roof, and not in the streets. I can sleep in the comfort of my room and having not to worry of where to sleep the next day. I will have to include electricity, all kinds of electronics found inside the house that makes my life easy.

7. Clothes. I don’t have much, but I can say I have enough. I can never complain.

8. Internet. Technology is such a big blessing. I get to communicate with people close to me through the internet. There’s google for all my research-related needs. E-mails, facebook and more. Haha.

9. Cellphone. I have a phone to call or sms people for important matters, or even just asking them how their day was is a big blessing in itself.

10. Education. I feel really blessed that I was able to go to school and got my Bachelor’s degree. Not everyone is privileged enough to be sent to school. I learned a lot which I’ll forever be grateful for. It shaped me as a person, it has influenced my values and has taught me lessons I’ll never learn outside school.

I have so much more to thank God for. How about you? 🙂