20+ years ago, I was born in this world. A helpless, cute little baby was born on the evening of January 24. Haha! I got married few days before my birthday. So for the month of January, I have 2 occassions to celebrate: our wedding anniversary and my birthday. 😀

Last January 24, Jay and I flew to Hongkong for a short vacation. It was a bit cold and we arrived past 12 midnight which made it even colder. Brrrr. 😀 We had a wonderful time walking down the streets, window shopping most of the time. Hahaha! More than that, it was the love shared by the newlyweds which made the trip more meaningful, more memorable. Ayeeee!

Hongkong is practically what you see in photos. It is a nice place to shop. Clothes prices are cheaper compared to the ones sold here in the Philippines. You can always find a good buy everywhere. If you are more resourceful and patient, expect to have excess baggage when you come home. 🙂

We also met Jay’s bosses and colleagues in Hongkong. To move in Hongkong is still under negotiation, but it isn’t a bad option after all. I love the weather and the many shops all around. Hahah! The one thing I don’t like much in Hongkong is the food. Compared to Singapore, Hongkong has less choices when it comes to fast food and other restaurants, which a pinay like me, would love. Anyway, there’s always home-cooked food which is far better than anything else. 🙂

Now I’m missing the cold weather. The heat in Cebu can sometimes be very annoying, but still nothing beats home. 🙂 Hongkong, we will meet again very very soon. 🙂 And I wanna know you even better. 🙂

Belated Happy Birthday to me! 🙂 Age is just a number. 🙂 Life is not about counting the numbers, it is living them. 🙂