I could say I have been blessed with great friends in life. It’s truly a blessing to have some people treat you very kind. My dear friend, Cheryl, is one of those rare people who’d go out of their ways to help. I truly thank God for her!

Che, as her friends call her, was my maid-of-honor. She had to convince her boss to grant her leave just to be able to attend my wedding. What a sweet friend! 😀 She has always been a generous friend, be it material things or her time. It’s such a great honor to have her as a friend.

I met Cheryl way back 2002, during college. A friend introduced us on the first day of school (at the school chapel). We just said our hi’s and hello’s, little did we know that we were classmates in one subject. We were both surprised to see each other at the classroom. We became very good friends from then on, and as they say, the rest is history. 🙂

Cheryl is one of the few friends I can’t live without. She is more than a bestfriend to me. She can criticize yet at the same time encourages a lot. What a combo! Haha! I love her to pieces, and I can’t imagine my college life without her in it.

Today, I remember her with gratefulness, with love and fondness. I miss her sweet smile and hearty, contagious laughter. I pray that wherever she may be right now, she will find every reason to smile and may everything she touches turn into a blessing.