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Earthquake. These days, I hear a lot of news about earthquakes, but it’s different when you experienced it yourself. Few minutes ago, the earth just shook, and I was literally shocked seeing the floor and walls move. It didn’t sink in immediately, but the moment I realized, I was like “Ohhh-Emmm-Geeee”.

I don’t know how long it lasted, but it seemed long to me. I can’t remember what was on my mind, but I was very sure, it was gonna stop soon. But what if it didn’t? Praise God, it did!! 🙂 Waaaah! God is good all the time! I am just grateful that it didn’t do much damage, or hopefully, no damage at all. Though it seems like phone connections are out, I pray that everyone is safe at home.

Today, I see God in the way things moved. I know the time is coming soon, when all these things happening in the world will cease. For now, I choose to see things in God’s perspective. Everything will be okay.

Have a happy Monday, everyone! 🙂 May we all be safe. God bless us.