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Beaches come to mind every time I hear the word, summer. 😀 The Philippines is known for its many beautiful beaches, and I couldn’t agree more. I can’t wait to see the beach again now that it’s almost summer!

The last time I saw the beach was October last year, when Jay and I decided to take a short vacation in Bantayan Island. From Cebu, it’s about 5.5 hours away, by bus and ferry. We left Cebu around 3 in the morning, and arrived at the island around 8AM. 🙂

Beach is love. It’s the best stress reliever for me. It’s just ahhhh…too wonderful to even put into words. haha. We stayed at Sugar Beach resort, the beach was beeauuutiiffuuuul. Breath-taking level. Haha! Crystal clear waters, white sand..what more could I ask for? 😀

We watched the sunrise and the sunset. Walked in the seashore under the stars and the moon. It was very lovely and romantic. Ayeee. I miss the beach. And I start  dreaming of it again.