Last week, my nieces were asking me if I could join them in their school’s family day since their parents could not make it. I attended the same school back in highschool, so I was more than happy to represent as their guardian. 🙂 I haven’t visited my alma mater for ages, so I was kind of excited to see what has changed over the past years.

Meet my nieces. 🙂

They call me by my first name “adine”. I treat them like friends, more than being my nieces. 🙂 I used to baby sit them when they were babies. I was only 12 when my sister gave birth to Fatima (wearing pink) and 14 when Carmela (in blue) was born. I sometimes couldn’t believe how they’ve grown so fast. They are even taller than me now!

Seeing them perform made me realize that they are no longer the naughty kids who run around the house and play all day. They are becoming more mature and lady-like each and every single day, which I am very proud of. I am amazed at how God has worked things out for them and I am blessed by how these girls have grown up.

I see myself in my nieces and I will always thank God for them. They are family and they will always be a source of joy to me. 🙂

Blessed Monday!