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I’ve had a long day today (and feels a little bit bloated :P). I went to SSS this morning for my change of status (I’m married, baby!), and spent THE day waiting for my turn. I finished 10 minutes before 6 in the evening. How is that? It kind of sucks.  🙂 Haha! It has been a boring day yet productive in a way (and it rhymes, Haha). I was just sitting playing temple run while waiting for my turn until my battery died down. Thank God for temple run! 🙂 I haven’t done anything but I feel so tired. hahah! After I submitted the requirements for the change of status, I was informed it would take 30 days to get processed and changed. 😦 sad sad face. Why would it take that long? Ugh.

I was no 314. At around 4pm, it was still at no. 249. Oh life! 🙂 It’s more fun in the Philippines! (sarcastic) Haha! I love my country regardless of the many things I can complain about. There’s nothing like HOME.

Nevertheless, I am grateful. I am relieved knowing I’m done for the day. 🙂 I was comforted by a hug from the husband when I came home. 🙂 That’s already enough. ❤

I hope you all had a great start of the week! It’s still a blessed Monday!