G1, as I fondly call her, is one of the funniest people I know. Her sense of humor always leaves me laughing out loud. I love being around her, she lightens up the mood and creates a positive atmosphere.

I met her a couple of years back when I came to Singapore. We were the usual office mates, who talked a lot about almost anything. Our most memorable conversations were mostly about the people in the office, the boss, the managers, and the soap “Magkaribal”. Hahaha!

I used to tease her about a particular manager (we call the manager by the name “Teh”), and one of our best conversations always start with that topic. Thinking about it now, makes me smile. 🙂

And how time flies by! I haven’t seen her for like ages (i mean months by that), and I really miss her. I miss talking to her and just laughing our hearts out. I miss seeing her every morning at the office, with her breakfast (fruits) on her desk.

There are people in our lives that bring positive impact in our lives and Merrylee is one of them. We may no longer see each other as often as we want, but I know she will always be a friend to me.

Cheers to beautiful people and wonderful friendships!