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My husband, Jay, has been quiet busy the past few weeks (months, i think is most appropriate) for a project that he’s working on. He slept around 5 in the morning today and woke up at 8am because we were meeting a client at around 9. Before heading to the client’s office, we had to drop by somewhere to take photos of the building/lot that is on sale.  I’m blessed to have such a hardworking husband!

We arrived at the client’s showroom and was told to wait, so I was playing temple run and he was looking at the photos he’s taken to ease the boredom. Haha! Finally after some time, a staff came and we were transported to their main office to discuss on the proposal.

God is just so good! We were able to close the deal today and blessings just overwhelm us. 🙂 It’s by God’s grace alone that we are able to experience unmerited favors. He brings us to the right place at the right time. The lord is just so sweet and he has a way to pleasantly surprise us.

It’s a happy weekend for me! Hope you are all enjoying your weekend too! Let’s share some love today.:)