I am having a wonderful Sunday! We went to church this morning and feasted on the word of God. Nothing can be more beautiful than a morning spent with the Lord. 🙂 The rain today makes my Sunday even lovelier! Hoooray! Heehee..

It’s just an ordinary Sunday (including my favorite ordinary food tempura, fishballs and siomai..teehee 🙂 ) with God’s extraordinary love that made all the difference. I am still amazed at how he loves me. It’s just way beyond what my mind can comprehend. A love so true, so gentle, so perfect. Haaaaaaayyy, I’m just overwhelmed and humbled at the same time. Thank you. Jesus!

I thank you for today, Lord. I thank you for allowing me to see you working down to smallest details of my life. Thank you for Sundays that is so filled with love and happiness. 🙂 I am grateful and will always consider myself blessed. It’s all because of you, Jesus. 😀

Happy rainy Sunday! God bless everyone!