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I had an unbelievably tiring day. My friend, chyll, and I agreed to visit NBI today. She was coming all the way from Argao to the city just for the NBI clearance. I arrived at around 7am and was told all 1000 (one thousand) forms have been given away, and asked us to come back tomorrow. One of the officers informed us that they are only entertaining 1,000 people per day and no more priority numbers will be given nor will there be any appointments to be scheduled. And all I could tell myself was “WHAAATTT!!???”. It just sucks big time!

My friend and I then decided to go to Tuburan instead to get our NBI clearance. We heard from friends that it is much easier and faster to get clearance from Tuburan. Both of us neither know the place, but then off we go! Haha! We just went to the North Bus Terminal and asked around what bus was going to Tuburan. We thought the travel time was only an hour and a half but was surprised to have reached the place after 4 hours. Yes, that is 4 (four) hours inside a non-air conditioned, full of passengers minibus and exposed to the excruciating heat of the sun.

When we finally reached our destination we were very surprised and impressed that it only took us not more than 10 minutes to finish everything (filling out the form, payment, photo and releasing of the clearance).

Now I wonder why it would take so long for NBI Cebu to get our clearance processed. I badly need an explanation!! Sigh. Where have all our taxes and payments gone? It’s just plainly unreasonable and unacceptable! We crossed countless mountains and seas just to reach tuburan! Hahaha! It isn’t just fair for people to adjust to them, when it’s supposedly the government giving its people the best convenient service possible.

This is my friend, Chyll, who posed after she got her clearance today! Yahoooo!The long travel time was worth it for her but not for me..:)Β I was told that I had a “hit” and I will have to come back after 3 weeks to get my clearance. How is that? Booohooo!

Anyway, It is really just frustrating to experience bad services from govt offices. 😦 It’s already 2012 but sadly, the services have never improved. Sigh. Okay, enough of this ranting and grumbling. I just wish that my children will never have to experience this in the future. πŸ™‚

It was not a really bad experience after all. I’ve toured Cebu today in an unexpected way. Haha! I’ve learned lessons and discovered new things. I just never thought I’d reach Tuburan, Tabuelan, Asturias, Balamban and Busay today. πŸ™‚ On our way home, we travelled a different route and I was just seeing mountains all around. It was just awesome. After a looooong day, I was able to see God’s sweetness in His creations. This world is not so bad after all. πŸ™‚

For those who want to get their NBI clearance in Cebu, my advise is to go to Tuburan and enjoy the ride. ❀