Hello 2013! It seems like ages since I’ve last updated this blog. There were lots of things worth sharing but I just didn’t have the luxury of time. I have been busy like c-r-a-z-y. And I must admit, I have been l-a-z-y too.

For now, let me share some updates with you (as if you care, harhar ūüôā )

1. Last November 09 2012, I gave birth to a lovely healthy baby boy. He has positively¬†changed and turned my world upside down. ūüôā I love everything about him! I never thought such joy existed up until I held my baby boy in my arms.

2. My husband and I celebrated our first Christmas together as husband and wife with our little bundle of joy and welcomed 2013¬† thanking God for what He’s about to bless us this year.

3. We celebrated our first wedding¬†anniversary this¬†year! Yippey! haha!¬†We spent it at home baby sitting. Nothing can be more romantic than that, ayt? ūüėÄ

4.¬†I celebrated my¬†_th bday this year. LOL. I was born 1984, so¬†you do the math. ūüėõ¬†I will always thank the Lord for this life¬†He has blessed me with. I am just really grateful and humbled at the same time.

5.¬†Yesterday was feb 14, Valentines day! Love. Love. Love.¬†I¬†love¬†how cheesy and mushy people¬†get during Valentines day. ūüôā¬†I never expected anything and I was¬†pleasantly surprised when I¬†found someone sent me flowers. ūüôā How sweet of my husband to surprise¬†me when I least expect it. I¬†really appreciated the effort,¬†for¬†making it extra special for me.¬† Wow. Lord, thank you for my husband.

There are a lot¬†more things that I’d¬†like to share and thank the Lord for. I want to count my blessings and¬†focus on the¬†blessings¬†rather than complain on the not-so-wonderful things in life. My heart is trusting and hopeful that all the not-so-wonderful¬†things will be used for my own good. ūüôā For now, I am letting the Lord, have¬†his way. I know in my heart that God has gone ahead¬†of me, and whatever worries I have in my heart right now, He¬†is able to comfort and He is¬†able to see me through.

¬†Let us all remain happy and embrace positivity. ūüôā Share HIS love ūüôā