It’s Monday once again and it’s a happy payday Monday! Hoooorraaay for paydays. LOL.

It’s a steady Monday, I tried to keep it calm. It’s 5:19 in the afternoon and I’m itching to leave the office and go out. I feel bad that my husband isn’t feeling well today. I really don’t wanna see him weak, it tears my heart apart. Last weekend, my baby boy had a fever and my heart was crushed seeing him sick. My husband and I were in the middle of watching Iron Man when we received a call from Brent’s yaya that the little boy was feverish so we decided to leave the movie house and be with our precious little boy. Praise God he’s ok now.

I have to be strong for my boys and so I keep telling myself that I cannot be sick! It’s a big No-No! This morning, I had a really bad headache and was feeling unusually cold. I didn’t wanna come to work, but thank God for keeping me strong these days. Thank you, Jesus! By your stripes, we are healed. Thank you for healing me, my husband and my little boy. And I pray for everyone who is sick today, that they may also experience your healing power and may each one of them, meet you today in a very special way.

I wanna make it a habit to be grateful for this life every single day. And if time permits, I wanna put them into writing so I when I look back, I will be reminded of God’s faithfulness in my life.

And yes, today, I am thankful, and I will be forever grateful.