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Hello Elections 2013. I am no longer a registered voter because I wasn’t able to cast my votes on the last 2 elections. I was in Singapore during those 2 Elections, so for me to be able to vote again, I have to register again. If by the next elections, I am still in the Philippines, I vow to exercise my right to suffrage.

So today is a national holiday. I am working my ass off at the office, feeling so sleepy and tired. Brent was still feverish until last night, so he was not sleeping soundly. I am just relieved that this morning, he was already back to being so ‘kiat’ and ‘gara’. Haha. As a mom, it really hurts to see my son sick. It’s just heatbreaking. If only, I could take away all the pains from him; If only I could spare him from all the hurts/pains he has to face in life. But I can’t, and I can only let him be, and let him feel pain, and discover pain. I can only stand by his side, and promise him, he’d never have to face it alone as long as I live. 🙂 After all, yesterday was Mothers day. hahaha!


This is how I spend May 13 at the office.

I was greeted by a letter/gift from my dear friend, Larrisa.
A ‘pasalubong’ donut from ce’s mike and sherwin.
A muffin I bought from pan de manila.
A selfie (again) because it’s a holiday. And I know that is such a lame excuse. Haha.

Anyway, I hope that whoever wins the elections today, will help make a better philippines. And yes, I can only hope.