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Well, hello there again!

My dear brent turned 6 months last week. He’s becoming more adorable each day. I love his chuckles, those amazing sounds that he can now say, the sparkle in his eyes when he starts to reach for something, his smile that is so inviting – ah everything about him is just too irresistible. I just can’t get enough of his smell that I keep on smelling and kissing him even when he’s asleep. It smells better than any perfume! haha!

I realized that my baby boy is growing up too fast. The next thing I know, we are already celebrating his 1st birthday! So since last week, I have been browsing for some birthday party ideas – I’ll post some of those things I find cute next time. I’m soo excited!

These are my happy thoughts today.What’s yours?

Wish you all a happy Wednesday!