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Today, my husband informed me that his visa has been issued, and his passport is on its way back to the Philipinnes. 🙂 That should be a happy news, right? But I feel otherwise. If only I could just stop the time, or convince him not to leave. IF ONLY. But reality is I can not, I would not, for the life of me, tell him to disregard that and stay here in the Philippines instead. I can already hear him say things that I also keep telling myself – “This is part of the plan. Brent and I will be with him again in a few months.”

But still, I want to cry! Huhuhu! So I can imagine those mothers/wives with husbands that are working abroad. It must be hard for them as well. 😦 Haay. This is life.


I pray to God for wisdom to do the things that I ought to do. To understand that life is not always sweet, the grace to submit to his perfect plan. Right now, I tell myself it’s okay to cry, and I will be okay. Somehow. I will learn how to depend on God more, to teach me how to take care of little Brent all by myself. It will not be an easy journey. I still really haven’t figured it out. But I am positive things will only get better.

On a happier note, being far from each other would only be a way to miss each other more! And thank God for technologies! It will not be as lonely as I thought it would be.

I can do this, Lord!