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A girl can NEVER have too much clothes in her closet. Haha! I always find myself ranting about having nothing to wear for an event or any special occassion. Why do we girls have this feeling to wear something new every time we attend some event!? Can someone please tell me why? LOL.

Anyway, my officemate is getting married this Saturday! So I guess you know where this post is leading to. Yeah, you guessed that right! I just feel like I have nothing to wear every time (and it kind of sucks at times). But I am one happy wife because my husband gave me the go signal to buy a new dress! la la la la.. 🙂 And I can now hear the angels sing. Hahaha!

I initially said no to the invitation because I was thinking that it’s the weekend, my husband might have other plans, and brent’s yaya will be taking a day off on the same day. But my wonderful husband wanted me to attend and even suggested that I buy a new dress if necessary – and hear this out – he’s willing to baby sit Brent while I’m out. I have been truly blessed with a wonderful man. Thank you, Lord! I have decided though to attend the reception only, para di kaau dugay. 🙂

Happy Thursday everyone! 🙂