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I used to wake up early in the morning to read my bible, or just be quiet before the Lord. I have developed such habit that it came very naturally, and not spending time with the Lord in the morning makes me feel guilty. I’d go on with my day feeling incomplete, sometimes empty when I cannot read my bible. Then I became busier, with more responsibilities to deal with every morning, so the “habit” started to go away.
There are days when I would feel so depressed, and then I’d reason out it was because I did not pray/spend time with the Lord. And I distanced myself, creating gap between me and the Lord. It continued until such a time, the Lord spoke to me. With God’s immeasurable love, He reminded me that He loves me not only when I feel good, but even more so when I feel I am at my worst.

Oh the greatness of God’s unfathomable love. 🙂

The Lord had to deal with my ignorant belief. His love is not based on my good deeds, but on what He has done on the cross for me. His love never ceases even when I feel the most sinful. He loves me even more. He comes to me with a love so wonderful – a love that is way beyond what I can imagine.

I don’t have to stress myself out when I have to rush in the morning. In the quietness of my heart, I know I can still spend time with the Lord. In the midst of all the chaos that i have to face each day, I know God is with me, is in me. I know that any time, I can always tap on God’s love and be renewed inside.

Today, I’d like to thank the Lord for loving me. I know that I can pray and be quiet before him anytime of the day. His love is constant, and when I fail, His love will pick me up. I thank God for His word that never fails.

I am blessed, I am loved. I will bless the Lord today, for He is good and His love endures forever.