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Last Tuesday, Oct 15 around 8:00 in the morning, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit Cebu (epicenter was in Bohol). As of today, we are still experiencing aftershocks, which I already lost count of. Last night’s news was already at 800+, and this may continue for a couple of days more. Centuries-old churches have crumbled down in Bohol, some roads are no longer passable, bridges have collapsed, landslides, shattered homes, and lives lost are among the unfortunate things our country has to deal after the war in Mindanao and floods in Luzon. But in the midst of all these things, I still find myself thanking the Lord for everything. God is good, ALL THE TIME.

I am more than positive that something good will come out of these dark moment of our lives. I believe that God can turn anything bad into good, that whatever the devil has planned to destroy, God will use it for our benefit, for our good. I am certain that whatever happens, my God remains in control, He remains constant, He remains sovereign above everything. And that’s where my hope lies. My God is faithful.

I praise the Lord for keeping me and my family safe, and that is just my prayer for everyone. May we never lose faith and continue to hope for better days. This, shall too pass.