Hello Hello!

How could the days pass by so fast!? It’s less than 2 months before the year ends! 2 months!! Wow. And I can’t believe it’s 5 more days before my little boy’s 1st birthday! Wow again! haha. I felt like I just gave birth few months ago. Woah. I.am.amazed.

It’s another busy day albeit a happy and an interesting one. I am currently inspired by all forms/kinds of arts and realized just how it makes me happy. Preparing Brent’s birthday has (re)opened my eyes to the beauty of DIY. Can I just say, love is sweeter the 2nd time around? Toink. Hahaha!

In between all the preparations I’ve been doing SLASH work, I just find myself thinking and thanking God, He is just good – outrageously, unbelievably, undeniably good. Thank you, Lord! Nothing would have been possible without you.