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The birthday boy! I would like to believe that he enjoyed the party because he was not having any tantrums. haha


The birthday cake and the birthday cupcakes!  I ordered these from Larissa’s (brent’s ninang) friend.  The cake was exactly what I imagined it to be. And it tastes as good as it looks! The cupcakes were a winner! I made the ‘brent is one’ cards which were then glued to a stick (thanks to photoshop :D).


I have always loved paper straws. I ordered these online from Hey kessy! The kids loved it too, they took it home. LOL!


The coinbank giveaways were from Colon, a downtown area in Cebu where you can find all inexpensive things you can imagine. Haha. I just had to cover the boxes with blue and attached a thank you tag to make it more personalized. 


I chose lootbaskets over lootbags, to make it more unique. I bought the baskets from Carbon, one of the many places in Cebu where you can also find lots of good bargains.


I originally wanted to have a patterned theme for the birthday, but then decided to just stick to my ‘anything blue’ theme. I asked my officemate Marcial, to buy these dotted blue tin cans for me which he found in White Gold. (These tin cans were actually took home as well by the oldies, haha!)



I had the washi-fied picture frames at the centerpiece.


The kids also had fun. Meet Russell, my officemate, Jerson’s son. Isn’t he a cutie? 🙂


The birthday boy opening his gifts! He was so amused by the toys, he didn’t want to open the other gifts anymore.


The blowing of the birthday candle.


I feel blessed that I have officemates who were kind enough to help out with the decorations.  I cut out round blue papers that instantly turned the place to a dotted one.

It was a pretty much fun event, and I would gladly do it all over again despite the terrible headache I was having on that same day.

I hope that one day, when Brent looks back at how his 1st birthday was celebrated, he would be able to see just how much love I’ve put into it.  Now, I’m looking forward to throwing more birthdays for my little one. 🙂 It was indeed more than a happy weekend.

Special Thanks to the following people:

Mommy CJ and her kids (Zack and Zoie) : they did a great job in putting the blue dots in the wall.

Marcial : he came up with the idea of hanging the balloons, which he also did himself. LOL.

I would also like to thank him for taking these beautiful photos! 

Mommy Lars : she helped me out with picture frames and the balloons.