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I just can’t put into words the devastation brought about by the super typhoon Yolanda. Seeing how vast the damage is just heartbreaking! Houses were swept, debris are everywhere (which makes it harder for rescuers to reach remote areas), trees uprooted, no water and electricity, people are starving to death, not to mention people (some with injuries) mourning and still looking for missing family members, and the most heartbreaking among all these is seeing children orphaned. My heart is bleeding for these people. If only I could tell each one of them that it’s okay. But I know that whatever they’re experiencing right now is NEVER okay.

At this moment, I am just being comforted that a lot of people from all over the world is reaching out to help. Other countries have offered their ships, airplanes, and other resources to be able to deliver relief goods to the affected areas. I would like to remain positive that we, Filipinos, will be able to get through this and that one day, we will look back to this fateful day with gratefulness. I really just pray that no matter how ugly things may get, people will still be able to find hope in their hearts to believe that something good is still awaiting them. I believe in the Filipino spirit! God is able to turn anything into good. Hang on, people!

I continue to pray for this nation, for our elected public officials. I pray that whatever help we may be receiving from other countries, will go directly to the victims, and  not to some other people’s pockets.

To everyone who might want to extend some help, please get in touch with Red Cross or any trusted organization of your choice. Please help us pray for the Philippines.