Here in the Philippines, we really don’t have a day that we call ‘thanksgiving day’, unlike in the US. But I think having an official thanksgiving day is a very good celebration. Everyday, we all have something to be thankful for.

I am grateful for the people the Lord has blessed me with.

1.) I thank God for my husband, who has been a source of strength and inspiration, who makes me happy, who means the world to me.

2.) I thank God for my son, Brent who helps me see things in a new perspective. He allows me to appreciate even the most mundane of things, and he makes me realize just how beautiful life is.

3.) I am so thankful for my parents for bringing me into this world. My parents had been through the toughest times, yet they chose to be together. I thank them for molding me into the person I am now. I thank God for siblings who shower me with love and keep me grounded all the time.

4.) I thank God for friends I have made in my 29 years. Life wouldn’t have been so much fun without them.

5.) I thank God for my work – not the best thing in the world, but has allowed me to meet new people which points me back to number 4.

Thank you, Lord for everything that you’ve done for me. I am most grateful for your son, Jesus, for dying on the cross to save a sinner like me. I will forever remain grateful.