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Happy happy new year, everyone! I apologize for the late greetings; I still haven’t gotten hold of my laptop since December. I am blogging from my phone and I actually have lots of backlogs but I just wanna greet you and wish you all a wonderful 2014! Every new year is a reminder for us that God makes all things new and beautiful!

God has made everything new for me for 2014! We (my husband, son and I) have now migrated in New Zealand. Leaving my life in Cebu was hard; it’s heartbreaking to be far away from our families. Life in NZ is completely different from where I grew up with, from what I am used to. I am on my adjustment period, and let me just tell you that it’s hard, really hard (specially taking care of the baby without a yaya). But I know I’ll get through this. Amen!

That’s just for now; will update this blog as soon as I get time (babysitting, cleaning, laundry, etc.) 🙂 wish me luck! :-* kisses to all of you!