Happy birthday to me! How cool is it to greet oneself? Haha! Thirty is just surreal. I’ve always thought 30 is too old when I was young. Now that I am 30, I don’t feel old at all. Choz! haha.

Looking back, I just can’t help but feel so blessed. I’ve been through ups and downs, heartbreaks and breakthroughs, wandered and wondered, cried countless times (a lot of times cried myself to sleep), fought my battles – won some, lost some, failed, succeeded, learned and gained. How awesome is that!?

At 30 I have learned some of the things the hard way. I trusted people who eventually took advantage of that “trust” and hurt me so bad. I made stupid decisions. I rebelled at some point. I did STUPID things. And all these things taught me lessons I can only be grateful for.

I am 30 and I am proud!

Thank you, Lord for this life! Thank you for my husband, my son, family, friends, for every single person you have blessed me with. Thank you for your amazing love that sees me through in every season of my life. Thank you for your all-sufficient grace, for saving me, for being my Daddy God, who knows everything about me, yet still loves me like I am the most beautiful, spotless child in the world. 🙂