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I wish I didn’t have to write this but it happened, so let me share anyway. My 14 months old baby fell off the bed. Yes yes, I am a bad mommy. I left him sleeping in the bed to take a quick lunch. He usually cries when he wakes up so I was just pretty confident I’d hear him cry and rush to him right away – but he didn’t. He crawled, didn’t make any sound until I heard a ‘booom’ kind of sound. I ran to the room and found him kneeling, already crying. My heart was crushed a thousand times over. Huhuhu!

I carried him and I felt like crying. I checked him and found a little bukol (bump) in his forehead. We applied a cold compress, and after a few minutes he started smiling. Haaay.

There are just some things out of control, but could have been prevented in the first place. But what is done is done. I can only hope and pray it doesn’t happen again. I googled and realized it happened to a number of moms as well. I just learned NOT to panic. I was totally unprepared for such things. Now, we are thinking of ways to prevent for that not to happen again.

It’s still a good day. My little boy is okay (which is most important) and I learned my lesson. šŸ™‚

Have a great Tuesday, everyone!