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Thank God (really) for weekends! We had a very fine weather today so we headed to the beach for some relaxation/picnic/laag. Haha. It was Brent’s first time to see the beach (yay, milestone!) and we are all glad he enjoyed albeit hesistant/scared at first. We really didn’t think Brent would love the waters, as it was still kind of cold, so we didn’t bring him swimwear. But the little boy actually LOVED it, so he ended up with clothes soaking wet. Haha


I love sitting by the beach and do some muni-muni. It is therapeutic for me. I get to realize a lot of things. It gives off positive vibes and it seems like everything is coming all together in perfect harmony. I just love the beach for a thousand more reasons.



And what’s not to love a beach with a playground! This was Brent’s another favorite!

And my favorite photo has got to be this one below with my 2 favorite people!


And God surprised us with a beautifu, picturesque rainbow! My photo didn’t do justice, im sorry. (Padung na sya wala when i took the photo. Haha, excuses.)