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I really haven’t made any resolutions yet for 2014, and I figured it isn’t too late to create my own list. Well, maybe not a list, just some adage to live by this year : Smile often, laugh a lot and live well.

Smile often. I resolve to be more relaxed this year. I will try my best to smile often – familar faces and strangers alike. I will try to be more friendly and engage in conversations even when I don’t feel like doing it.

Laugh a lot. To laugh like there’s no tomorrow. Laugh at my own bloopers, laugh at corny jokes, laugh at other’s people’s jokes. Laugh more with my husband.  To have less drama this year. To laugh and just be happy for no reason.

Live well. To seize the day. To love without measure. To spend quality time with my family. To travel. To read more books. To eat well (read: healthy). To exercise more. To make more lasting friendships. To give more. To learn a lot more. To try new things. To discover and live my passion.

And above all these things, to have more quiet moments with the Lord. 😊

Here’s to a happier, healthier 2014!