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Happy Weekend!

It’s already winter here in the land down under. The cold winds, the frequent rains and the gloomy weather are starting to grow on me. I still miss the tropical weather, but I must say I prefer the cold weather over the hot summer where sweating is an effortless thing. Hahaha. But then again in a tropical country like the Philippines, when it gets too hot, a fresh coconut juice can just be bought a few blocks away, which is just refreshing as a cold wind blowing in your face. (or even better than that. Haha!)

Weekends will always be my favorite part of the week! I like my weekends slow and steady. It brings me such delight when I think about those 2 days spent at home (or wherever we choose to spend it) with my family. I believe it’s a blessing from God to be able to find time for ourselves to relax and enjoy the things out of the ordinary. Life isn’t always grandiose, in fact, most of us live our everyday lives so ordinarily we sometimes forget we can always make the ordinary ‘extra’ ordinary. 🙂

Wish you all a HAPPY weekend!