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The year is about to end, and it’s exactly a month to go before Christmas ‐ my favorite season of the year! Which reminds me as well that it’s almost a year since we arrived in Auckland and started a new life away from home, away from the life I have been used to.

I will always consider myself blessed to have been given the opportunity to start afresh in a place where everything is new (like new for new zealand. LOL. May I also mention that we arrived here a day before the New Year , so that makes it the New life for New Year in New Zealand Hahaha okay enough of my corny jokes). Like any other thing, moving to a new place means total adjustment. Some people may call it luck, but I believe we have just been tremendously blessed that things fell at the right place at the right time. We are currently living with my husband’s sister, and I really couldn’t ask for anything more. Oh things are not perfect, but God’s immense kindness has just engulfed us.

On the night of Dec 31 last year, New Year’s Eve, I have made a prayer list for this year. Two of the main things I have in the list were: 1. car 2. house. My husband works in the city, and will have to walk to the train station from the house for a good 20 minutes. It is just perfectly fine, but when you walk in your office clothes and the rain comes suddenly pouring during winter without any shield on sight, now that’s a different story. We knew then we needed a car. February of this year, we finally bought our first car and I know in my heart that we were in for a great surprise this year! Around March or April, my husband told me that he feels he needs to look for another job. So we started praying for a new job. On May, my husband found a new job, far better than we have ever prayed for. The Lord’s faithfulness really humbles me. A couple of months back, my husband and I decided to start looking for a house. I have thought that it would be best to move to our own place after Brent’s birthday or before Christmas. There were a number of houses that we were interested in but were really not for us. I remember my prayer list, and started claiming it in faith. Last week, we found a house, just a walking distance to the train station and to my husband’s sister’s house. And yes, we might be moving next week! 🙂

Sometimes, we get too blinded by our present needs we forget about how the Lord has blessed us in the past. We forget that God’s ways are far better than our ways, His plans and His time are always perfect. My prayer list is a reminder for me that God never forgets, that He is always working things out for my benefits, and my future is in His hands. He has my best interests at heart. 🙂