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Happy New Year!! It’s just so refreshing to know that it’s a brand new year, a brand new start, a brand new chapter of our lives. 2014 was remarkable for me. I have experienced things I never thought possible, been to places I can only dream of, and been truly blessed more than I deserve. For this year, I believe things will get even better. My hopes are up, and I declare, this will be a very very good year!

Every new year I get to update my prayer list. Last year’s list have already been crossed out. I am excited how things will unfold this year. My hope and trust are in the Lord. My life is in his hands, and although I know not what the future holds, I know very well that He holds my future. I can be certain that things will just be fine. I know struggles, trials, battles will always be a part of this journey, but I am positive that I shall be able to overcome anything through Christ who gives me strength!

I have 3 major things in my list this year. And I will continually pray until I see these things coming true. The Lord is faithful and He is gracious. And I will live this year reminding myself everyday of His goodness and mercy and kindness. šŸ™‚

Again, Happy New Year! Have a joyful, positive year ahead all of you! May all your dreams and wishes and prayers all come true this year. šŸ™‚