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I am not sure if it’s just me, but I love my birth month! January is a favorite not just for that reason, but also because our wedding anniversary also happens to be this month! Hooorraaay! (And I could hear Brent saying “Hoorraay” with me, that being one of his favorite words, ever, methinks. Haha) I also love the word January, so much so that I wouldn’t have mind if I was named after it. Haha! Anyway, I am also taking my practical driving exam this month, so good luck to me!

I really normally don’t have any new year resolutions, but this year, I wanted to start something positive, a habit that would actually be beneficial to me. I love early mornings but was really never a morning person. I super love lazy mornings, and that means staying longer in bed, sit in the couch and read anything that fancies me. But I realized how unproductive that is! It’s literally wasting time. So on the 1st day of January, I made a commitment to wake up early in the morning. And so far, I have been keeping it religiously and I couldn’t be any happier! My mornings have never been the same! Another hooorrraaaayy! Hahaha!

It feels good to be able to keep something you promise yourself. I now have time to read my bible in the morning, spend time with the Lord, clean the house before Brent wakes up, prepare breakfast for my husband, check emails, read books, and even trim the grass outside. How awesome is that!? LOL.

So for this year, I declare nothing but the best! The Lord has gone ahead of me, and I have the assurance that everything will be better than last year. 🙂

Have a happy Wednesday, y’all!