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Oh to be a child again! Simple, carefree, fun-loving, worry-free days, how I miss thee! But as they say, life happens. And reality kicks in, we all grow up, and everything changes.

The other night, while we were putting Brent to sleep, he said, “Let’s pray first!”. So we held hands, the three of us, and started praying. I started saying something when he interrupted, “Thank you for mommy and daddy, papa Jesus. Thank you for the food, for the bread with chocolate (spread), rice fish and vinegar (what he had for lunch, pinakurat vinegar and soy sauce like a true bisdak haha), for the tv and rescue bots, for thomas and friends, for my toys..” And the long list goes on. I was trying my best not to laugh but his gratefulness really blessed me. He didn’t ask anything, He was busy being grateful. God must’ve been smiling hearing these little ones pray. Their hearts are just so pure and innocent. They dont worry about the future. They simply thank the lord for what they  have and continue to believe that God is the giver of all.

Today, I will remember all the good things the Lord has done for me. I will recall the many good things He has done in the past. I will choose to count my blessings and focus on what i have. I will choose to praise and thank the lord for His love, His grace, for who He is in my life, and for what He has done – just like a little child. 🙂