If there’s one advice I’d give myself today, it would be : keep going, keep trying. There are days when I feel like I’m at the end of the tunnel and there’s nowhere to go, and everything just seems like fading. I guess, everyone goes through that, if not, then I’m doomed. haha. Oh life! I know I have to keep trying  even if that means failing over and over again, because life doesn’t just stop because I fail at a certain point.

Life is a learning process. I learned that there is also wisdom in trying. And just like in all things, there is a time for everything. As much as it is important to try and keep trying, it is also equally important to know when to stop trying, to just let it go, to accept that some things don’t and won’t work out the way we want them to. But the very good news is, even if things don’t happen the way we plan it out, life is still good. It is good not because we have what we want, or because life is perfect but because life in itself is a blessing – and a blessing is always good and worth celebrating.

So today, I remind myself that life is good. I don’t have to have all things work all together, or have everything in order to be grateful. If I fail, I will try again. If it’s meant for me, it’s gonna come running after me. If it’s not, then something else better is coming my way. I’ll keep trying, keep going and keep learning, keep living  and I’ll keep thanking God for this amazing life. I would’t have it any other way.