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Oh Stress. I used to love weekends, you know, back when weekends used to be my non-working days. Lol! But now things have changed. Sometimes I wish I have the regular working days (Mondays – Fridays) but when I start to think about it, I still feel like having 4 days off is better than 2 days off on a weekend. Haha!

So last Sunday was another stressful day and when I get all too emotional  about work, i start enumerating in my head why I think I still have the best job ever! Lol! Have i mentioned that i work from home? Okay, so that’s one of the million reasons why my job, though not the most appealing one, is still considered my best option for now. I don’t have to travel to go to work, I can play and cuddle with my boys during breaks, i can dress in my house clothes, and i don’t have to take a bath early in the morning (that’s gross, i  know) specially during winter. Haha!

Right after work, the husband asked me if I wanted to go to the beach. Under normal circumstances, I would have responded “I’m so tired, I don’t wanna go out”, but for some reason, I felt like I needed some fresh air and I just wanted to see something peaceful to calm my mind. The husband was quite surprised I said yes, with no hesitation. To his delight he even had to ask me again and again to make sure he heard me right. Haha! I know I am not the most out-going person and oftentimes, the husband thinks I have such a boring personality but I know that’s what he loves most about me even when he doesn’t wanna admit it. Lol! And so we had a very spontaneous picnic by the beach!


Because it was unplanned, we just had to grab anything we can find in the pantry – cookies, coconut drinks, some chips, and also got ourselves 2 boxes of pizza. We arrived late in the afternoon, it was low tide and the boys, specially brent, thoroughly enjoyed. We played and laughed and I felt really good. The boys had fun and I enjoyed my time lying on the  sand, looking up the sky, thanking the lord for how good he is and how awesome this life he has blessed me with. And at that point, I felt like I couldn’t ask for anything more. Oh thank God for weekends, really!

I hope you all had a great weekend too!