Jesus is risen!!

When I was young, I really never understood Easter Sunday. Well, I knew it was a celebration of Jesus’ resurrection, but I never really understood what resurrection was, or what rising from the dead meant. It was just too deep for my very young brain to process. For me back then, it was just another feast the church celebrates.

Year 2002 was the year that changed my life. I was 18. It was the year that I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. I was invited by my sister to a worship gathering one night, and after months/years of saying no, I finally said yes! And as soon as I walked through the entrance door, I cried like a little baby, oblivious to the people around me.It was embarrassing, but I didn’t care. It felt like a homecoming. I felt like my heavenly Father has been waiting for me all along. It was also that very night I realized the significance of Jesus’ resurrection power.

Easter Sunday will always be a reminder for me of the finished work of Jesus Christ. When he said it is finished, he meant he has already paid the full price to redeem my soul. When he rose from the dead, he declared I was debt-free. He took my place, so I could take His. He bore my sins, he took the punishment that was meant for me. And the empty tomb will always be a sign of Jesus’ victory.

I truly thank the Lord for what He has done at the cross for me, and I thank Him even more so for the hope that awaits me, that one day, I shall meet Him face to face.

The battle is won. It is finished! Jesus is alive and He is coming back again for you and me.

Have a blessed Easter!