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We all have that funny childhood memory, and this probably is the funniest one I subjected myself into. This is truly one for the books. Haha!

Hermag Village Fiesta 1987. I present to you one of the contestants of  Little Miss Hermag. Nyahahaha!Meet 3-yr old Adine! I can still remember how my sister would bring me to the rehearsals in the afternoon. That was for a week, if my memory serves me right. In the evenings, one of our neighbors would help me practice for the talent portion. LOL! The song “Name Game” was very popular at that time, and apparently, everyone almost had the same song choice and choreography. Hahaha! Too hilarious! Our neighbour and friend Nang Andang made my gowns and the white cropped top and shorts I was wearing in the photo. I didn’t win the crown that night (LOL at the crown!) hahaha! But I won “best in swimsuit” if you might wanna know. Hahaha! I can’t believe how in the world I did it, but I sure remember I had so much fun.

Well they say you are a true Filipino if you know what a fiesta is! Pinoys just love making occassions. haha! When I was young, it was one of the things I look forward to. I loved how bibo the barangay is during fiestas. For 9 consecutive nights, I’d find myself in the chapel with the rest of the kids, waiting for the novena to finish, because…. mag-atang na dayon ug snacks. LOL!

Apart from the novena and the snacks, the activities in the evening were highly anticipated too. There were variety shows, sing and dance contests, beauty pageants (teens and kids) and more.Also, the peryahan is something I really enjoy too! Those ferris wheels na hadlok mabungkag anytime, and the bingo social with 1 sack of rice for the black out jackpot was just pure fun! But the highlight of it all is the day of the fiesta itself. I would wake up at 5 am just to listen to the drum and bugle parading the streets. And around 7 in the morning, the funniest of games begin! There were ‘bahug-bahug‘ eating contests, ‘pataasay ug ihi‘ contests, etc. hahahha!

Sometimes, when I need a good laugh, I just look at this photo and it brings me back all the happy memories. I can honestly say, I had a happy childhood.

(Oh, Please excuse my bangs, lol!)

What’s your funny childhood memory? I’m all ears!