8 weeks pregnant and i’m feeling so tired like a 90-year old woman. It’s kabuhi 24/7, is that even possible? Any kind of smell makes me sick. I feel like vomiting right every after meal. I don’t even wanna look at myself at the mirror. I cry at some random videos.

I feel like i am at my worst state, but i keep reminding myself that this shall too pass. I’m carrying a human being inside, and this little perfect blessing is all that matters. Everything will be worth it. Hang in there, little one. You are loved more than I could ever tell you. You are an aswered prayer and i just can’t wait to wrap my arms around you.

On a happier note, i am glad we’re back in Auckland. It’s getting really cold, but I ain’t complaining. ๐Ÿ™‚

Have a happy week ahead of you!