Happy Heart’s day!

It’s been like forever since my last post and I honestly don’t know how it’s already 2017! And I wouldn’t even remember this blog if not for Valentine’s day. 😉

I gave birth about a week ago (and that will definitely be on a different post), and things have really been so hectic. I’m writing this entry on my phone while the little one is asleep. What’s so important about today that I want to blog about? Well, because, it’s a day meant to be celebrated. The fact is we all deserve love; to love and be loved in return. Although love should be celebrated everyday, it’s just nice to have at least a day where people feel the need to show their romantic sides. Lol.

So today, i want to honor the person who’s been my constant source of love : my husband. He did something special for me today. No flowers, no chocolates. Just something I never really expected.  something a lot more expensive than I would have wished for. I also didn’t exepect anything for today because I received an unexpected present last month too.My husband is trying to spoil me. 😉 I ain’t complaining but i feel guilty that i didn’t get him anything for today, which he doesn’t seem to mind (i actually am at the dont-want-to-go-out-of-the-house phase now), but I’ll make bawi soon. 😉

My husband isn’t the cheesy type of person who says the most romantic lines – but he always makes me laugh with his silly jokes. He’s not big on occassions and fancy dinner dates and gifts but he makes me feel special in so many ways. He always puts my needs first before his. He is one selfless man and his love for our kids is just priceless. I remember praying for him 10 years ago, and it amazes me how God answered my prayer and gave me what my heart truly desired and more. He isn’t perfect but he is the best for me.

Today is a reminder that I am loved. Life with a newborn is tough, specially when you only have yourself to rely on. Being a milk machine 24/7 to a little human being isn’t an easy job; and add the sleepless nights to it, and the many other things you need to do during the day. So i guess, having been reminded of just how blessed i am to be living the life that i have now, is worth celebrating.

I am grateful for this life. I am gratefor for my family. My kids. My husband. I really couldn’t ask for a more perfect valetine. I am beyond blessed.

Thank you, Jesus!

May all hearts be happy today and all year round.