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imageThank God it’s Good Friday! Today, we remember how God demonstrated his love – at calvary – in Jesus’ body. He died so you and I could live. And I will forever be grateful for such selfless love. Thank you, Jesus!

Since today is a holiday, we decided to drive somewhere peaceful and quiet. The weather forecast was accurate, no rains and just a bit of clouds in the morning and lots of sunshine in the afternoon. It’s the perfect day to go out and about.


Can’t wait for Easter Sunday! 🙂 Have a good one, today!


His kind of love


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Yesterday was Palm Sunday –  a day that celebrates Jesus entry to Jerusalem where the crowd greeted and cheered for him with palm branches. It is very interesting to note that the same people who cheered for him, were the same people who shouted to have him crucified and chose Barabbas (who was imprisoned because of murder) to be released for them. Oh the irony! But I don’t think that surprised God. He knew what was going to happen and he had things worked out just as He planned.

But If I were Jesus, I would have been really hurt (and probably wallowed in self-pity), and I’d have to think twice if these people, actually deserve the kind of love, mercy and sacrifice. But he didn’t. He went through it willingly with love and passion. And Jesus, even when he was hurt, betrayed, denied and abandoned by his friends, chose (and still chooses) to see us in His grace and did not (will never) give up on us. What an amazing savior!

I can’t imagine what would have happened if Jesus didn’t die on the cross to save us from our sins. He paid the price you and I can never ever pay. And this kind of relentless love always, always bring me down to my knees.

When Simon Peter realized what had happened, he fell to his knees before Jesus and said, “Oh, Lord, please leave me–I’m too much of a sinner to be around you.” Luke 5:8

Have a blessed holy week!


kitchen dreams



I remember when I was in grade school, one of my favorite things to do was drawing houses, its facades and interiors included, aside from playing patintero, tumbang preso, chinese garter, jackstone, buwan buwan (at night most specially during blackouts), dampa, bato lata, PS PS and hide and seek.But my love for drawing houses was on a different level. hahah! I just loved everything about it. It was like transitioning to a different dimension. I have always imagined living on each house I have drawn. It was a happy pill for me. I didn’t have access to home magazines back then, so I was contented with my own crappy drawings. It developed my way of thinking and imagination, I reckon.Every night before going to bed, I’d envision my dream house and I’d picture myself sitting on a soft couch with an open access to my dream kitchen. At a very young age, I had a dream kitchen, beat that! hahaha!

As I keep telling myself, life happens and things change. But if there’s one thing that remained the same is my love for houses and interiors. Sometimes I wonder what if I took Interior Designing instead of IT. Would life be the same? I guess not. But that would also mean I wouldn’t be where I am now, which would make my life an entirely different story. I don’t think I’d like that. hahaha! I love my life with its many twists and turns.

So today is a day for kitchen day dreaming, and not just any kitchen but an all white kitchen! If I win lotto (which is very unlikely because I don’t buy lotto or maybe I should start buying it now) I’d have my own white kitchen right away, with a pop of pastel colors. I don’t care if it gets dirty too easily because I wouldn’t mind cleaning it all day all by myself. haha. Looking at the photos below (all photos from the web), I am fascinated at how clean and tidy they have been maintained, mora ug humot kaayo sya even in pictures. Hahah Are these kitchens only for display and pictorial purposes?

Kitchen Design Pictures

Kitchen Design Pictures


After my favorite day dream, it’s back to reality. It’s time to cook lunch for the little kiddo and myself. 🙂

Take it easy and enjoy the rest of the week!

Dream or nightmare!?



I’ve lost count of the number of times I dreamt I was back in school again, finding my way through familiar hallways and classrooms. And every single time, it’s always the same feeling of anxiety. It’s the same emotion, the same fear. And then when i wake up, it would take a good 5 minutes before I could process that It was just a dream. And the moment it sinks in, I can feel my heart racing, like I was being chased by a manananggal.hahaha! I’d feel relieved and would literally utter a prayer of “thank you, lord!”. Apparently, the fear of not being able to graduate because of P.E (i know, right!?) has been etched in my core memory. Lol!

You see, P.E was never a favorite subject. I remember I dropped my P.E 1, because it was scheduled too early in the morning and I had to travel at least 2 hours to be able to come on time.What a lame excuse! lol And because I wasn’t a very good student back then (I’m sorry i was not a good example), I kept coming late in class and eventually decided to just drop the subject . And it wasn’t just once, but TWICE people! Shame on me that was a waste of tuition fee! (And I like how it rhymes haha)

Since then, I tried to stay away from taking P.E subjects and so ended up taking them on my final year in school. While all my classmates were occupied with thesis and OJTs, there i was trying to juggle everything. I’d come to my thesis class sweating from playing basketball to changing back to my school uniform and to running to my next class. I was all ngarag in every way.hahaha! I feared not passing my P.E subjects more than my major subjects, and I started to feel how embarrassing it would be to fail P.E and not graduate because of that. Imagine how happy I was when I saw my name on the list of graduating students for that semester. I was too overjoyed I wanted to jump around and cry. hahah!

It’s amazing how a certain period of your life keeps coming back to you in a form of a dream or nightmare. I keep asking myself why does it keep coming back? It sure feels scary, weird, crazy and funny all at the same time. So this must be how it feels to be haunted by your past? LOL! If I could back to college, I’d probably do much better than dropping my P.E subjects, but life would have been different too. Dropping those 2 P.E subjects before have led me to this life now. My failures led me to Jesus, and I couldn’t be more grateful for his redeeming grace.

Have you ever had that kind of dream?

How did your weekend go?


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Oh Stress. I used to love weekends, you know, back when weekends used to be my non-working days. Lol! But now things have changed. Sometimes I wish I have the regular working days (Mondays – Fridays) but when I start to think about it, I still feel like having 4 days off is better than 2 days off on a weekend. Haha!

So last Sunday was another stressful day and when I get all too emotional  about work, i start enumerating in my head why I think I still have the best job ever! Lol! Have i mentioned that i work from home? Okay, so that’s one of the million reasons why my job, though not the most appealing one, is still considered my best option for now. I don’t have to travel to go to work, I can play and cuddle with my boys during breaks, i can dress in my house clothes, and i don’t have to take a bath early in the morning (that’s gross, i  know) specially during winter. Haha!

Right after work, the husband asked me if I wanted to go to the beach. Under normal circumstances, I would have responded “I’m so tired, I don’t wanna go out”, but for some reason, I felt like I needed some fresh air and I just wanted to see something peaceful to calm my mind. The husband was quite surprised I said yes, with no hesitation. To his delight he even had to ask me again and again to make sure he heard me right. Haha! I know I am not the most out-going person and oftentimes, the husband thinks I have such a boring personality but I know that’s what he loves most about me even when he doesn’t wanna admit it. Lol! And so we had a very spontaneous picnic by the beach!


Because it was unplanned, we just had to grab anything we can find in the pantry – cookies, coconut drinks, some chips, and also got ourselves 2 boxes of pizza. We arrived late in the afternoon, it was low tide and the boys, specially brent, thoroughly enjoyed. We played and laughed and I felt really good. The boys had fun and I enjoyed my time lying on the  sand, looking up the sky, thanking the lord for how good he is and how awesome this life he has blessed me with. And at that point, I felt like I couldn’t ask for anything more. Oh thank God for weekends, really!

I hope you all had a great weekend too!

Rise and shine!


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Top of the morning! It’s time to rise and shine! It’s getting colder in this side of this world. It’s that time of the year when going out of bed early in the morning already becomes a struggle. Lol. But it’s a very good day and I can’t wait to get it started. Today’s plan includes cleaning, washing, playing with brent and hopefully, if di ko kapuyon, mag exercise! In my mind, I want to do some squats, planks, and run 10k. Haha! You know how your mind thinks of things you want to do but you end up doing nothing? Well, it happens to me all the time. Hahaha!

Enjoy your day, you guys! Have an awesome, productive day! 🙂



Keep going.



If there’s one advice I’d give myself today, it would be : keep going, keep trying. There are days when I feel like I’m at the end of the tunnel and there’s nowhere to go, and everything just seems like fading. I guess, everyone goes through that, if not, then I’m doomed. haha. Oh life! I know I have to keep trying  even if that means failing over and over again, because life doesn’t just stop because I fail at a certain point.

Life is a learning process. I learned that there is also wisdom in trying. And just like in all things, there is a time for everything. As much as it is important to try and keep trying, it is also equally important to know when to stop trying, to just let it go, to accept that some things don’t and won’t work out the way we want them to. But the very good news is, even if things don’t happen the way we plan it out, life is still good. It is good not because we have what we want, or because life is perfect but because life in itself is a blessing – and a blessing is always good and worth celebrating.

So today, I remind myself that life is good. I don’t have to have all things work all together, or have everything in order to be grateful. If I fail, I will try again. If it’s meant for me, it’s gonna come running after me. If it’s not, then something else better is coming my way. I’ll keep trying, keep going and keep learning, keep living  and I’ll keep thanking God for this amazing life. I would’t have it any other way.

Childlike heart


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Oh to be a child again! Simple, carefree, fun-loving, worry-free days, how I miss thee! But as they say, life happens. And reality kicks in, we all grow up, and everything changes.

The other night, while we were putting Brent to sleep, he said, “Let’s pray first!”. So we held hands, the three of us, and started praying. I started saying something when he interrupted, “Thank you for mommy and daddy, papa Jesus. Thank you for the food, for the bread with chocolate (spread), rice fish and vinegar (what he had for lunch, pinakurat vinegar and soy sauce like a true bisdak haha), for the tv and rescue bots, for thomas and friends, for my toys..” And the long list goes on. I was trying my best not to laugh but his gratefulness really blessed me. He didn’t ask anything, He was busy being grateful. God must’ve been smiling hearing these little ones pray. Their hearts are just so pure and innocent. They dont worry about the future. They simply thank the lord for what they  have and continue to believe that God is the giver of all.

Today, I will remember all the good things the Lord has done for me. I will recall the many good things He has done in the past. I will choose to count my blessings and focus on what i have. I will choose to praise and thank the lord for His love, His grace, for who He is in my life, and for what He Continue reading

Hello Feb!


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Oh 2016, please slow down a bit! So tomorrow’s Feb 14, I’d be expecting to see lots of flowers and chocolates and cheesy messages all over my timeline. LOL! Love is everyone’s favorite subject and who’s to blame? 🙂 Love is really such a beautiful thing, and though people will have their own definition of love, I think we can all agree that love is the one thing we can’t live without. 🙂

How’s your 2016 been so far? I have been taking mine one day at a time. Life isn’t a bed of roses, but it sure is very good. Waking up each day alive and healthy is such a blessing! I try to remind myself everyday that it is an opportunity to do better, to be better, and boy, what a struggle it is. haha! At times it is super kapoy, but I need to press in. At the end, I know everything’s gonna be okay.

Enjoy your day, beautiful people! Happy hearts day to you all!

Hello 2016!


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Happy new year, you guys!

2015 just flew like that. I am overwhelmed. I have been on hiatus for the longest time and it feels like eternity since I have last updated this blog. BUT the new year is always a good excuse to start afresh, and talk about prayer list.

It’s been a yearly tradition for me (and my little family) to write our prayer list at the start of each year. The lord has just been really good, and when I look back at the year that passed, I just can’t help but be overjoyed. The lord has answered our prayers in ways I can only imagine. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

Have you written your prayer lists down? I encourage you to do so. You’d be amazed at how God does things. I still am and I really excited for this year! I can’t wait to see what God has in store and what the future holds.

Wishing you all the happiest 2016! The lord bless each and one of you.